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1936 Ford Cabriolet


The building of car

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Hi. My wife and I have been into street roding since 1971 when I purchased a 1929
Ford 4dr sedan which was in very bad shape. I fixed the car up to the best of my
knowledge at the time and joined the North Jersey Street Rod Association in 1973.
I rebuilt the car from the ground up in 1980. See Link.1929 FordThe car was
sold in June 2004 after 33 years of ownership< sad to see her go, but time to move
on. In 2005 we started to build a 1936 Ford Cabriolet, Now in May 2008 the
car is almost finished, We will paint it next winter.

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Interests and Hobbies

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Street Roding

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R/C Boating

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Harley Davidson

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Links To Favorite Pages

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A fun and interesting web page about SCUBA DIVING

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Riding Rock Inn

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San Salvador Bahamas

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Cayman Dive lodge

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Grand Cayman

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