2012 Motorcycle Trip

..........June 6-13 2012


We started out on Wednesday 6/6/12. We had gotten a late start so we were not on the road until about 9:15.
Got as far as getting off the parkway to go on to Rt. 78 and it was stopped dead because of an accident.
Took us about an hour to get through that mess. Got to love New Jersey traffic. We got as far as Breeze wood, Pa.
and called it a day.

Day 2 was a partly sunny day. Started out with jackets and then it got warm enough to go without them.
We did get about 10 minutes of a rain shower and then it passed and was back to being sunny.
We decided to pass up a Harley Dealer and got ourselves messed up on our route and almost ended up in Pittsburgh
before we realized our mistake and got back on the right track. Made for another long day of riding.
Finally stopped in Dublin, Ohio for the night.

Day 3 was a beautiful day weather wise. Temps in the high 80's. Since we use mostly back roads on the trip
we ran through miles and miles of corn fields. Not too impressive. We stopped in the Dayton Aviation Heritage
National Historical Park. It is all about the Wright Bros. It was pretty interesting. Before we knew it we
were in Indiana. Guess what, more corn fields. It was a little more interesting as there were trees and houses
to look at also. We again had a long day. 300 miles on the interstate highways is no problem. 300 miles on back
roads makes for really long days. We are going to try and not do that anymore.

Day 4 was another beautiful day weather wise. Temps in the low 90's. Back roads are really nice to travel on as you
get to see the country side and not just cars and highway. We stopped on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Really a beautiful sight. Then headed for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Had a little trouble finding a hotel as it was a
Saturday night and again we had a really long day. Finally found a Holiday Inn which was really
nice and stayed there for the night.

Day 5 was again sunny and temps in the low 90's. We went to the Harley Museum and that was really nice.
Did a few photo ops and then headed for Wisconsin Dells. Beautiful back road ride and actually stopped and were in
our hotel by 2:30 PM. That's a record for us. We will stay here for 2 nights and take a boat ride tomorrow.

Day 6: We woke up to rain but by the time we were ready to explore the Wisconsin Dells the sun was out and it was quickly in the 80’s. There is a boat ride for the Upper Dells and a boat ride for the Lower Dells. We signed up for both and took the Upper Dells boat ride first. It was just great. We got beautiful pictures and had a great time. The first boat ride lasted 2 hours. We then went to lunch and then moved on to the boat ride for the Lower Dells. There is no comparison between the two. The Upper Dells was worth the money but the Lower Dells does not really offer anything dramatic like the Upper Dells. We had a great day and a great dinner and then in for the night. We leave tomorrow to visit friends who live in Ladysmith, WI.

Day 7 was in the low 50’s when we got ready to leave the hotel. The heat wave was over. The temp.
never got more than the low 60’s with a heavy head wind. We were at our friends house by 1:00 PM.
We have known our friends Bill and Lolly for years from our trips to San Salvador when we were scuba diving.
We had not seen them in about 10 years and it was so good to be able to visit with them. We had a wonderful
time and really enjoyed their company and hospitality.

Day 8 was bright and sunny and in the high 60’s. We were sorry to have to say good bye to our friends
but it was time to move on into Minnesota. We ran into some light rain today but it caused no problems
and not even enough rain to put on the rain gear. Nothing really exciting happened today and we will be
going into South Dakota tomorrow

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