2012 Motorcycle Trip
Week 10

..............Aug. 16-28 The End 2012,

Day 25 and 26 August 16th and 17th. We had a great 2 days in Sneads Ferry, NC with our friend Barbara.
We had not seen her in probably 4 - 5 years so it was good to catch up.

Day 27 August 18th 2012 We headed for the Ocracoke Ferry. Didn't have a problem getting on the Ferry but
we did have a problem trying to get a room. No Vacancy anywhere so we headed up the Outer Banks. We got as
far as Hatteras and found a hotel for the night. We will head up the rest of the way to Kitty Hawk tomorrow

Day 28 August 19th 2012. We made it to our friends Brenda and John's house on the Outer Banks and we will be
here for a few days. It is beautiful here and we will have another vacation from our vacation although I am
really getting home sick being so close to home.

August 25th, 2012 We left the outer banks this morning. We didn't get 5 miles up the road and hit a traffic jam,
and then a mile up the road and it started to rain. We made it to the Harley Shop and the owner told us that the
road was flooded about 5 miles up the road and although the water had gone down the road dept. had not moved the
cones yet, thus the traffic. We thought we would go back to John and Brenda's house and the traffic started moving
so we continued. It continued to rain all day along with thunder storms all the way to Salisbury, Md where we stopped
for the night . We were pretty wet by the time we stopped. Not a good day. I guess all the time we had no rain at
all is finally catching up with us as we have had an awful lot of rain since we went into Florida.

August 26th, 2012 We got us this morning to guess what - RAIN. We waited until about 9:30 AM and the rain had passed and
then we headed west toward Baltimore, Md to see Randy and Carolyn. Got almost all the way to their house before it started
to rain again. Once we were there the heavens opened up and we had heavy rain and thunder storms all afternoon. Got to the
hotel in between rain storms and we hope tomorrow the sun will come out.

August 27th, 2012 We spent the whole day with our son Randy and had a great time with him. We got a tour of Medieval Times and
since he is the manager of Food and Beverage we also got a tour of the kitchen. It is really impressive. We went to dinner with
Randy and Carolyn and then said our goodbyes to them. Tomorrow we head home.

August 28th, 2012 It was a beautiful day and we had a great ride. We stopped at the trailer place in Pa. and Bernie got a new fender
for the trailer. We left the other one all broke at the scene of the accident in Texas. Bernie will need the new fender when he redoes
the trailer. We arrived home at about 3:00 PM. The trip was a wonderful experience and we really had a lot of fun although we did miss
quite a bit of it by not going to Alaska. We still saw a lot of this country but it was sure" GREAT TO GET HOME". Of course it took a
couple of days to get unpacked and get things put away. It took hours and hours just to get through the mail. 3 months is a lot of mail.
Now we will spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Parsippany, New Jersey at the annual big 50's party called Lead East which happens every
Labor Day Weekend. Thanks to all of you who have kept up with all our travels. We hope that you have enjoyed following us.

Our route, The green marks is where we stopped

11,050 Miles
June 6 2012.............August 28 2012
84 Days total