2012 Motorcycle Trip
Week 6

..............July 16-22 2012,

Day 1 of our second vacation: It is Monday July 16th and we are on the road again. We were on our way by 8:00 AM and
it was a beautiful day. Not too hot and really we were making good time. Bernie had purchased some beads that go on
the seats of the motorcycle and they were really helping with our riding. We got as far as Andrews, Texas and we had
an accident. A 2003 Ford Expedition hit the trailer and ripped it right off the bike. We did not go down but when we
got the bike stopped the tongue of the trailer was still attached to the bike and the trailer was smashed in the middle
of the road. We moved it out of the road and someone called the police. After all the paperwork was finished the
police called a local cycle ship and a couple of guy came down with bolts and the guys got the tongue put back on the
trailer and we limped down to the cycle shop. They let Bernie put the trailer in the bay and rewire the lights back
into the trailer as best as he could. We found some place to eat and called my brother. He drove halfway out to meet
us and we put the contents of the trailer in the back seat of his truck and the trailer went in the back of the truck
and we headed back to the ranch again so if you wondered why the motorcycle is back in Cross Plains, Texas that is the
reason. Bernie is working on the trailer and we hope to be back on the road again soon. We will keep you posted on
which way we will decide to go.

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