2012 Motorcycle Trip
Week 8

..............Aug, 2-8 2012, South Florida + Key West

Day 12 - August 3rd 2012 We are now back on the road after visiting with Bernie's sister for 4 days. We headed for
Venice today to meet up with an old friend that we have not seen for years. It was good to see him and reminisce
about what has been going on with all of us. We were in Venice last night and we will be heading for Kendall, Florida

Day 13 - August 4th 2012. We got an early start this morning as we knew it would get hot as the day progressed. We went
along the Gulf of Mexico for a long time but in Florida you do not get to see much of the beach as every part of the beach
is filled with buildings. All you see is hotels, condos and private homes. It was a nice riding day and we were checked
into a hotel by 2:00 PM. Tomorrow we will head into the Key West.

Day 14 - August 5th, 2012. We headed for the Keys this morning. What a beautiful ride. It was so pleasant and a lot of photo opportunities.
We got down here before our room was ready so we went down to the beach and had lunch. When we were done we came back to the hotel, unpacked,
put on shorts and sneakers and walked Duval Street. It is a mile long and most of the shops are on this street. We ate dinner at Jimmy Buffet's
Margartiaville. Cool place and we had a good time. Back to the hotel after that and into a heated pool. Great!!!

Day 15 - August 5th, 2012. We have now been on the road for 2 months. We started out this morning by going to the UPS store and shipping our
heated gear home. No need for it anymore and it just takes up room. We then headed for Fort Taylor. We were just about done when we
got a thunder storm. Needless to say we ended up getting wet and the roads got flooded. We made it back to the hotel and it pretty much rained
the rest of the day. It cleared up in time to go to dinner and we had a great dinner on the beach looking out at the ocean. Tomorrow we are on
the road again and we will of course head north

Day 16 - August 7th, 2012. We were on the road by 7:15 AM and it was a repeat of the drive down to the Keys except
we were going the other way. Again it was a beautiful ride and we ended up back at the same hotel that we were at
on Saturday night 8/4/12. The same girl checked us in and when we went to check in she looked up and said Welcome
back - how was Key West??. Tomorrow we will start up the coast of Florida.

Day 17 - August 8th, 2012. We headed for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and met up with a friend, Bill Rainey and he rode up to
West Palm Beach with us and he took us to lunch. After lunch he rode back to Ft. Lauderdale and we headed north. The ride
today took us along the ocean where there are very, very beautiful homes and huge yachts . Now I know how the other half
lives and they live very well. Really nice ride but it was hot and even though we did not do that many miles it was a slow
ride along the water so we did not reach the hotel in Sebastian, Florida until 5:30 PM, which is really late for us. It was
worth it though as we really enjoyed the ride.

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