2012 Motorcycle Trip
Week 9

..............Aug. 9-15 2012, Up the East Coast

Day 18 - August 9th, 2012. We headed for Daytona this morning. Rode along the coast for most of the way up through
Dayton and then on to St. Augustine Beach. It was a pretty ride with lots of beautiful homes along the way. We got
to the next hotel fairly early and guess what - it rained after we got into the hotel really hard for a couple of hours.
We ended up calling Pizza Hut to have dinner delivered as it was pouring at dinner time. Not a good thing when the
only way to get to dinner is by bike. Tomorrow we head into Georgia.

Day 19 - August 10th, 2012. We rode up to Jacksonville Beach today. This is where Bernie was stationed when he was in the Navy.
Everything had changed so much from what he remembered. Of course it has been almost 50 years since he has been here. We took
the ferry across the St. Johns River and made our way into Georgia. We enjoyed the day spent with Jim and Claire Walsh (originally
from Clifton, NJ) who we have not seen for many years. It was just so good to spend the afternoon and evening reminiscing about old
times and catching up on families that have grown up. It was hard to say good bye to them. Let's hope we don't wait quite as long
to see them again.

Day 20 - August 11, 2012 We headed for Augusta, Ga. as this is where we planned on stopping for the night. Everything was going well and
as it got close to 12:00 noon we saw the weather changing and we knew that we were going to get wet. We finally stopped and put on rain gear
but not before we got wet. It was a real bad thunder and lightning storm and torrential rain. We eventually drove out of the storm and we
got into Augusta, Ga. Not the best Best Western we have been in but it was cheap and clean and we were only there for one night.

Day 21 - August 12, 2012 We headed for Greenville for a 3 night stop. We crossed over the state line real quick after we left Augusta.
Nice riding roads in South Carolina. We made it to Greenville by 12:00 noon and got a beautiful 2 room suite in the Best Western. We will be
here for 3 nights.

Day 22 and 23 August 13 & 14, 2012 We visited our friends Dave and Irene who live in Greer, SC and then on to meet our Real Estate Agent, Tanisha,
for a look at 2 homes that we had picked out to look at. It was a lot of fun and quite interesting. We got a lot of ideas for staging our house when
it goes on the market. We really like this area down here. The roads are good, the people are friendly and the area has all that you could want and
more. It is really a beautiful part of South Carolina. Tomorrow back on the road and heading into Bennettsville South Carolina

Day 24 August 15th 2012 We left Greenville, SC and headed for Bennettsville, SC. Nice riding roads but the sites are really not spectacular on
the east coast compared to the west. Tomorrow we will head into Sneads Ferry, NC for a couple of days to visit with a close friend, and then on
to the Outer Banks for another little vacation with friends. Starting to get a little itchy to get home now that we are within striking distance.

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