2012 Motorcycle Trip
Week 4-5

..............June 28-July 15 2012,

Day 23 started out really nice. It was about 70 degrees when we got on the road. Within a ½ hour we stopped
at the Colorado state line and it was already pushing 80 degrees. Roads were a little bumpy after we crossed
into Colorado and they continued that was until we got past Denver. We only did 185 miles today. The temps
continued to climb and by the time we stopped for the day it was 94 degrees and it was only 12:00 PM. Out
here when you are on the back roads the motels are few and far between. If we didn't stop early today we would
have had trouble finding a motel for a long time. We stopped in Limon, Co. Tomorrow will be longer and we should
make it into northwestern Texas. We will try to get an earlier start tomorrow.

Day 24 started out the same as the previous day. About 70 degrees when we left the hotel by 7:15 AM and by 10:00 AM
it was in the 90's. It was not a great photo day. Just lots of prairie or ranch land. We were on the back roads so
this is all we really saw. We went from Colorado to Oklahoma and then into Texas and somewhere in there we went back
into Central time. By 11:00 am it was 100 degrees and it got up as high as 104. These back roads do not have rest
areas and no chance to get some shade so we were really happy to get to the Best Western in Delmar, Texas and stop for
the night

Day 25 we were on the road by 6:45 AM. It was about 70 degrees and it stayed relatively cool considering what we had gone through in
the past few days. Our original plan was to do approx. 185 miles and then finish up on Sunday morning but since it was not too awful
hot we decided to push on and arrive at Ron and Kaye's ranch in Cross Plains, Texas (Jayne's brother and sister-in-law) on Saturday.
We got there by about 3:30 PM. The temps had got up to 100 degrees but really not so bad. We have decided to take a vacation from our
vacation and we will be here for a couple of weeks. The little motorcycle will not be moving for a while. We will be back on line in a
couple of weeks.